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Flames Around the Witch’s Cauldron: A Treatment of Nightmares

Written by Lane Gormley, EdS, LPC, BCC, NGHC

Under Cover of Darkness
On a frosty and moonless autumn night near the Brookwood Hills swimming pool, I am mysteriously alone and wandering the woods at the tree line on the steep hill, now so much higher than usual, above the park. I find my way along the winding, narrow path, careful not to slip over the edge into dark nothingness. As I start the dangerous descent to the park, I become aware of a fire’s glow out on the playground. I know that I shouldn’t go out there, but I simply have to. I creep onward in spite of myself, drawn with dreadful foreboding, closer and closer to the crackling, spitting, yellow light and intense heat. It is at this point that I see her, etched black against flame, standing in front of the huge smoking cauldron beneath which the fire blazes. She sees me, too, and begins to howl and cackle. She points at me with a sooty, grizzled finger. I am frozen in my tracks. Nothing can save me. It’s too late. I am doomed.

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The Titanic and the Important Family: Working with a Client’s Dreams

Written by: Lane Gormley, EdS, LPC, NCC

Ginny (*not her real name) is a highly sensitive and intuitive Client whose dream on the night preceding 9/11 frightened her and startled her husband. In her dream of 9/10, bad men attacked twin houses in a neighborhood. She and her husband got out alive, even as planes dove toward the houses. A few hours later, her husband called her to the television to bear witness in reality to what her dream had seemed to predict.

Although she saw clearly the relationship of the Twin Houses Dream to the reality of the Twin Towers, she has been known to dismiss other dreams on the grounds that they are “silly” or “don’t make much sense”. I ask frequently about Ginny’s dreams to show my Client that they may indicate things we need to work on. Two of her recent dreams seem to point to the roots of the depression that has been part of her life since childhood.

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Social Reviews

Ray of Hope Counseling Services IconRay of Hope Counseling Services

4255 Wade Green Road Northwest #414, Kennesaw

3.4 43 reviews

  • AvatarDanielle P★★★★★a week ago
    Jamie Jenkins is great! I feel like she is the perfect therapist for me. Validating and open-minded. She knows I like my conversations to be more casual and she is accommodating in that way because formality makes me shut down.
  • AvatarNelli Vergilis★★★★★a week ago
    I loved my tele session. It was easy to connect and talking to my therapist felt even more productive, as I was not stressed by traffic. Ms.James made me feel supported and heard. And I learned how to handle my hurdles better at the … More very first session. I recommend this practice. You can live anywhere and have a wonderful therapist at your fingertips. THANK YOU.
  • AvatarWaeni Watuma★★★★★a week ago
    I have been going to Ray of Hope for a year now and it has changed my life honestly - everyone there is so nice and I love my therapist she is amazing ! Misty is honestly heaven sent.
  • AvatarPhoenix Bray★★★★★a week ago
    Love Ray of Hope Counseling. Meghan Michalewicz has helped me through some tough stuff and I am so appreciative of the advice.
  • AvatarErica★★★★★2 weeks ago
    Ray of Hope has been really great for myself and my kids to have an outlet you talk about life and the challenges we face. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for someone to talk too. It is well worth it.
  • AvatarMichaela Estes★★★★★2 months ago
    I see Mrs Gianna and she is Absolutely AMAZING!!
    By far the BEST counselor I ever had. She genuinely cares and she shows it every session... I had a rough past before I got to her, and she makes the progression to a better you, much more
    … More easy.. she walks you through how to better yourself and never fails to remind you she is there. I’d give her 10 stars if I could. DEFINITELY WOULD RECOMMEND
  • AvatarNina Cantrell★★★★★3 months ago
    Giada Martini is a very genuine, kind person that makes you really feel she's there for you personally & not just professionally. Her office is very easy space to be in to boot!
  • AvatarVictoria Thomas★★★★★a year ago
    This place is such a tranquil respite if you need somewhere safe to unwind, process grief, heal, or feel strengthened on your journey. Gianna Martini has been an absolute godsend, and I don't think you'll find anyone more caring, … More empathetic, and compassionate. She's kindhearted, an intuitive listener, insightful, and wise. Gianna truly cares about her clients, and I've so appreciated her support and wisdom.
  • AvatarAnonymous Anonymous★★★★★8 months ago
    Lane Gormely is the absolute best. Her experience is undeniable-hands down.
  • AvatarCasey Graebner★★★★★8 months ago
    Great counseling service for my son who is dealing with some hard problems. Very helpful.

Ray of Hope Counseling Services
Based on 15 Reviews
Ashley T.
Ashley T.
2020-01-14 12:03:44
I can't attest to the qualifications of the therapists, but the office staff isn't the best. I left two messages (because no one ever answered the phone) to...
Vicki T.
Vicki T.
2019-07-26 22:36:28
I love this place and feel especially grateful for Gianna Martini who has been a godsend to me. A very intuitive listener, she's kind, caring, and...
Shelly K.
Shelly K.
2019-03-22 11:46:51
Receptionist extremely rude and unhelpful, needs some training on customer service.
Lisa S.
Lisa S.
2018-05-01 09:56:20
I am going here for a multitude of reasons. Mainly for my almost 9 year old to have someone to talk to. Lauren Sanders is AMAZING. We both love her and...
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