Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing Services in Georgia

Receive a formal diagnosis to help us assist you with the proper treatment approach and gain a deeper, more complete understanding of the problem that you or your loved one might be experiencing. Ray of Hope Counseling Services offers psychological testing and analysis at all our locations in Georgia. Get started today.

Specialized Psychological Testing In:

  • Intelligence
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Emotional Disorder
  • Personality disorder
  • Need for accommodations in a school setting
  • Pain risk assessment

A Comprehensive Analysis of Your Unique Traits

Our testing allows our therapists to measure traits, feelings, beliefs, and abilities that can lead to different conditions such as depression, anxiety, anger control, or susceptibility to stress. At Ray of Hope Counseling Services, we may also measure the general well-being of a patient to provide an overall picture of their personality.

If you are referred for psychological testing, don’t worry. This does not mean that your problem is particularly serious, complex, or difficult to understand. It just means that additional information is needed to design the best approach to address the problem.

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Ray of Hope Counseling Services accepts all forms of insurance and Medicaid, has seven convenient locations in Kennesaw, GA, Alpharetta, GA, Conyers, GA, Athens, GA, Canton, GA , Peachtree City, GA and East Cobb/Marietta, GA also serving the surrounding counties.

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