Appreciate the change of the bathroom signage at the Conyers office. Current services are well managed. Thank you so much for your services.

CC Imports Imports

First visit went wonderful. Thank you Monique. I’m looking forward to more productive sessions.

Angie Perez

I have found my time with Ray of Hope very productive. The office is very warm and relaxing, and my counselor is very attentive to what needs to be discussed. She really goes the extra mile to make sure I am receiving the care needed to get through my issues. I would highly recommend this office to whomever is looking for help.

Kimberly McCool

It has been good Ms Edwina is really sweet and seems to care about helping my son get better not pushy and my son likes her and feels comfortable. I did read the other reviews but I had to see for myself so I’m happy with the progress so far.

Maria H

Dr. Octavia is the best. Very understanding and gives extremely practical solutions

Cory Chatman

They have been wonderfully helpful for me and even before the COVID-19 onset, we’re willing to work with me via video and tele-health due to my disabilities and income restrictions. They need to update the website and brochures & I wish they did offer equine therapy, because I’ve seen it 1st hand work wonders. But I love my therapist and ROH Canton is helping me so much! I wish my family would get on board with a therapist and Me! It’s been so good for me!

Lori Holt

Tami is the best!!

Heather Daigle

Keisha Young

Very friendly Staff.

Rudy Miranda

Cockyjoe TM

Very professional and kind

Justin Barnett

First time ever going to counseling and they made me feel right at home and comfortable..she was very honest and made sure we were a good fit before going forward.. looking forward to continuing to see you guys.

Erin Dameron

Taylor Nettis

Emily Klein is amazing. After only session (that was on time) we have been informed by our son that he actually looks forward to going back. She integrates play therapy seamlessly and really gets the kids to open up.

Sloane Warren

Jana Resch

Shellie Gossling

I never had a billing, cancellation or any other issue at this Suwanee/Johns Creek office. The place is very clean, bright and relaxing. The staff on the phone and the therapists are always very professional, respectful and friendly. However, all of this probably wouldn’t mean as much without the greatest therapist, Mrs. Stanley,who I am working with. Another happy and satisfied client here.

Zanka Cuca

Mike L

Lauren P is a great counselor!


I recently lost my husband and I am currently going for grievance counseling. I love the therapist that I saw her name is Lauren and she is amazing. I will recommend her to anyone I have had nothing but great sessions and she is very caring and helpful.

Jessica Roane

Hannah Cyktich

I’ve been to several therapists throughout my adulthood, and Ray of Hope is by far the most professional, courteous, and friendly one I’ve ever been to. I’ve been seeing Brittany Janson, LPC for 6 months now, and I cannot even say how much she has changed my life. The staff is so friendly, and the waiting room is so comfortable and calming!!!

Tracy Gibson

Ray of Hope has been a great experience. The office is clean and well decorated and the staff is always knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. My therapist truly cares about me and has helped me greatly. I would gladly recommend Ray of Hope to all my family and friends.”

William McKinley

I am blown away at all of the negative comments. I have been going since 2015 and have nothing but positive things to say. I have referred two people who also have nothing bad to say. I have been to many therapists and offices and this one by far outweighs the rest. The front desk staff is also really nice and always been accommodating.

The only reason I gave four stars is the $75 fee if you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours, and no flexibility, even if you call within 20 hours of your appointment.

Wendi Freeman

Honestly, I only had one session so far and I cannot wait to go again. The lady was extremely understandable and was completely opened minded and very educated about other topics I’d not like to discuss. I recommend going here although I don’t know why the fuss with all the negativity.


Brenda Davis

Sidhant Dewan

Great Staffing flexible hours

Stephen Anderson

We love Ray of Hope. Lana & Houla are amazing counselors and have been seeing our 11 year old and 9 year old for almost 2 years. They love going! They have done amazing work and offer great advice for our family and we love them!

Bre hill

This place is such a tranquil respite if you need somewhere safe to unwind, process grief, heal, or feel strengthened on your journey. Gianna Martini has been an absolute godsend, and I don’t think you’ll find anyone more caring, empathetic, and compassionate. She’s kindhearted, an intuitive listener, insightful, and wise. Gianna truly cares about her clients, and I’ve so appreciated her support and wisdom.

Victoria Thomas

The counselors are wonderful. The place is nice and quiet and peaceful. I’d give it 5 stars if it wasn’t for the hateful, condescending girl at the front desk. I would recommend this place, because it’s the therapists that matter. Just beware of the attitude you’ll get at the front desk.

Julie Allsen

I’m grateful for all your help. I really saw a big change in my child attitude.

Liz JC

Great counseling service for my son who is dealing with some hard problems. Very helpful.

Casey Graebner

Lane Gormely is the absolute best. Her experience is undeniable-hands down.

Anonymous Anonymous

Giada Martini is a very genuine, kind person that makes you really feel she’s there for you personally & not just professionally. Her office is very easy space to be in to boot!

Nina Cantrell

I see Mrs Gianna and she is Absolutely AMAZING!!
By far the BEST counselor I ever had. She genuinely cares and she shows it every session… I had a rough past before I got to her, and she makes the progression to a better you, much more easy.. she walks you through how to better yourself and never fails to remind you she is there. I’d give her 10 stars if I could. DEFINITELY WOULD RECOMMEND

Michaela Estes

Daniel Auten

Very patient, attentive, considerate, and relational.

Kristi Pleasant

Love Ray of Hope Counseling. Meghan Michalewicz has helped me through some tough stuff and I am so appreciative of the advice.

Phoenix Bray

Ray of Hope has been really great for myself and my kids to have an outlet you talk about life and the challenges we face. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for someone to talk too. It is well worth it.


Lisa Grainger

I have been going to Ray of Hope for a year now and it has changed my life honestly – everyone there is so nice and I love my therapist she is amazing ! Misty is honestly heaven sent.

Waeni Watuma

Jamie Jenkins is great! I feel like she is the perfect therapist for me. Validating and open-minded. She knows I like my conversations to be more casual and she is accommodating in that way because formality makes me shut down.

Danielle P

I loved my tele session. It was easy to connect and talking to my therapist felt even more productive, as I was not stressed by traffic. Ms.James made me feel supported and heard. And I learned how to handle my hurdles better at the very first session. I recommend this practice. You can live anywhere and have a wonderful therapist at your fingertips. THANK YOU.

Nelli Vergilis

Thelles Amie-Goodson

Excellent experience at Ray of Hope @ Kennesaw, Ga. Ms. Jamie J. is so awesome and wonderful. My two young children see her and they and myself love her and enjoy the visit, atmosphere and professionalism. My children can be shy at times, but opened up right at the first hello. I would refer anyone to Ray of Hope and to Ms. Jamie J. She helps in so many ways with my children and myself. We have made so much progress and we could not be more happier. Thank you!

Vanessa Erario

I saw Mimi McDonald here a few times while coming off of Lexapro, which I’d been taking for 7 years, as a precursor for hopefully becoming pregnant soon. She was very attentive and had lots of advice for coping with the spew of emotions I was dealing with. I took a lot of her suggestions and managed to make it through a very difficult month with only a few frustrated outbursts and spontaneous crying spells.

I have continued to use her coping mechanisms while I now handle the frustrations that come with having a broken ankle and being temporarily handicapped.

If you’re trying to find the location for the first time, you may pass it because it’s not actually on the main road. There’s a sign next to the drive with their name on it right next to the interstate. Drive past the first building and down the hill, turn left and it’s on the left.

O o

Melissa T.

I’ve had great experiences over the years here. The staff is very attentive. I would recommend checking them out if you are in need of counseling.

Amanda S.

This place has literally saved my marriage. I’ve recommended people I love to come and try them out as well. They are professional and caring. Our therapist Stephanie is a great support for us as we get back on track.

Casey F.

Ray of Hope has been a great asset for us over the last year. We moved to the area two years ago, and our adopted daughter was been going through counseling before our transition. Ray of Hope gave several options for locations, and worked to find a good match in a counselor for the first session. While we know that it may take time to find the right counselor, they had a commitment to c

The office is usually clean and comfortable, and haven’t had any issues with scheduling (other than an understandable counselor cancellation due to sickness). Our daughter feels comfortable with the counselor and makes an effort to improve based on the sessions.

Greg C.

I am going here for a multitude of reasons. Mainly for my almost 9 year old to have someone to talk to. Lauren Sanders is AMAZING. We both love her and my daughter looks forward to their sessions.

Personally, I am undergoing psychological testing to better understand my issues. I am seeing Kelli and she is awesome as well. Very attentive, empathetic, and I just love her but her last day is May 8th, 2018. I was hoping to have her as my counselor once we figure out the issue.

I had one appt. with Marie and knew it wasn’t a good choice. She was shaking more than me (I have an anxiety disorder), did not seem very confident at all, was not very thorough, and after STRESSING my phobia about taking anti-depressants because of horrible prior experiences, she still said she did not think that counseling would work without meds. I did set up a follow up appt with her but canceled the next day because I just wasn’t comfortable with her. I have an appt with a different therapist at the same location today, hopefully will have a better experience. When I called to cancel with Marie I explained why to the front desk. Within 5 mins I got a call from a restricted number and it was MARIE asking me why I cancelled (even though the day before I cried to her for an hour about not handling pressure very well). I found that to be VERY unprofessional, I don’t know if it’s unethical, but it definitely wasn’t compassionate.

So, as of now. I would suggest Lauren if you are going here. Will update after I feel out the new counselor.

I saw Houa yesterday, and I loved her as well. She made me feel very comfortable, was very engaging and we had some very interesting and insightful conversations. Have set up next two appts.

3/4 good experiences isn’t bad at all.

Lisa S.

First visit went wonderful. Thank you Monique. I’m looking forward to more productive sessions.

Angie Perez

Lara Nolan

Professional, knowledgeable, and they provide actionable plans for you to walk away with, put into practice, and better yourself.

…And to the people complaining about missing their appointments and getting charged, your irresponsibility is not their responsibility! Period!

Eric Glover

Taylor Nettis

We have been going here for two years and have always had a good experience. Very professional and courteous service. Nice office an friendly staff.

Peace be with you -

Calli Carter

love ray of hope!! sam is amazing!

Seth Winzer

Calli Carter

love ray of hope!! sam is amazing!

Seth Winzer