I saw Mimi McDonald here a few times while coming off of Lexapro, which I’d been taking for 7 years, as a precursor for hopefully becoming pregnant soon. She was very attentive and had lots of advice for coping with the spew of emotions I was dealing with. I took a lot of her suggestions and managed to make it through a very difficult month with only a few frustrated outbursts and spontaneous crying spells.

I have continued to use her coping mechanisms while I now handle the frustrations that come with having a broken ankle and being temporarily handicapped.

If you’re trying to find the location for the first time, you may pass it because it’s not actually on the main road. There’s a sign next to the drive with their name on it right next to the interstate. Drive past the first building and down the hill, turn left and it’s on the left.

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Melissa T.

I’ve had great experiences over the years here. The staff is very attentive. I would recommend checking them out if you are in need of counseling.

Amanda S.

This place has literally saved my marriage. I’ve recommended people I love to come and try them out as well. They are professional and caring. Our therapist Stephanie is a great support for us as we get back on track.

Casey F.

Ray of Hope has been a great asset for us over the last year. We moved to the area two years ago, and our adopted daughter was been going through counseling before our transition. Ray of Hope gave several options for locations, and worked to find a good match in a counselor for the first session. While we know that it may take time to find the right counselor, they had a commitment to c

The office is usually clean and comfortable, and haven’t had any issues with scheduling (other than an understandable counselor cancellation due to sickness). Our daughter feels comfortable with the counselor and makes an effort to improve based on the sessions.

Greg C.

I love this place and feel especially grateful for Gianna Martini who has been a godsend to me. A very intuitive listener, she’s kind, caring, and compassionate – truly cares about her clients. I feel heard, valued, and supported, and Gianna’s insights and encouragement have anchored me more than once when I needed hope. I highly recommend Gianna Martini to anyone who needs support from a caring professional. She is an absolute asset to Ray of Hope Counseling.

Vicki T.

I am going here for a multitude of reasons. Mainly for my almost 9 year old to have someone to talk to. Lauren Sanders is AMAZING. We both love her and my daughter looks forward to their sessions.

Personally, I am undergoing psychological testing to better understand my issues. I am seeing Kelli and she is awesome as well. Very attentive, empathetic, and I just love her but her last day is May 8th, 2018. I was hoping to have her as my counselor once we figure out the issue.

I had one appt. with Marie and knew it wasn’t a good choice. She was shaking more than me (I have an anxiety disorder), did not seem very confident at all, was not very thorough, and after STRESSING my phobia about taking anti-depressants because of horrible prior experiences, she still said she did not think that counseling would work without meds. I did set up a follow up appt with her but canceled the next day because I just wasn’t comfortable with her. I have an appt with a different therapist at the same location today, hopefully will have a better experience. When I called to cancel with Marie I explained why to the front desk. Within 5 mins I got a call from a restricted number and it was MARIE asking me why I cancelled (even though the day before I cried to her for an hour about not handling pressure very well). I found that to be VERY unprofessional, I don’t know if it’s unethical, but it definitely wasn’t compassionate.

So, as of now. I would suggest Lauren if you are going here. Will update after I feel out the new counselor.

I saw Houa yesterday, and I loved her as well. She made me feel very comfortable, was very engaging and we had some very interesting and insightful conversations. Have set up next two appts.

3/4 good experiences isn’t bad at all.

Lisa S.

First visit went wonderful. Thank you Monique. I’m looking forward to more productive sessions.

Angie Perez

Lara Nolan

Professional, knowledgeable, and they provide actionable plans for you to walk away with, put into practice, and better yourself.

…And to the people complaining about missing their appointments and getting charged, your irresponsibility is not their responsibility! Period!

Eric Glover

Taylor Nettis